The core principles of the Innato reflect and reveal its ultimate essence

From the Maker
Hans Houkes

“Creating an Innato is not about perfection, it’s about finding harmony between imperfections. There are the different states of drying clay, the moment of deciding to move on to the next step, the changing moods and concentrations . . . All these ingredients give every Innato its own special character, revealed only as it is born coming of the kiln screaming ‘Hello’ to the world like a new child . . .”

Of Sound


In a moment close your eyes

for an imaginary listening

a simple beginning

an anticipating


Now imagine the sound of Nature singing!

…Could you hear the sound of Nature singing?


Whatever you hear, whatever you find

it’s the sound of this beauty

there inside your mind

This is the Innato

like the taste of a meadow


the sound of a Van Gogh

or the sweet smell of a shadow

Tones emerge purely

from the shape of the void

a sonic behavior

——baked into the chambers


the timeless




Around Us

Flutes of the world play single tones

The Innato it lives in the chordal zone

From the very first breath

three notes sound proportionally

enveloping you in a deep sea of harmony

Musical Self

What is here inside you

inborn, unlearned?

can you feel there inside you

something gifted, unearned?

a musical self hidden away

ready to hear, to see

the light of the day

A desire to open this window within

to touch an essence clearly built-in

must for you simply arise

above the continual noise of your life


If the desire arrives strong in the flow

please enter and bask in

the Innato soft glow

a calm letting go

a connection to whats so

pure fulfillment

in the mere act of the blow



Three vessels
all chambers of resonance
each having only four tones
making it just twelve we can know
six with discrete letter names
four more as octaves
and two are the same


A small pure palette
and as it unfurls
touches many cultures
of our remarkable world


How does the human hand grip?
Fingers make the round trip?
The Innato fits all
from the young to the old
female to male
in between or beyond
. . . an open threshold . . .

Video of innato being made


A simple mouthpiece design

—— a low volume of air is sublime

—— keep an even pressure of breath

—— and our body our being

——– begins to align

“How to play the Innato”
tutorial filmed in Auroville, India