The Innato

Inside presence & connection

The Innato is a life tool for creating sounds that cultivate

an open receptivity, free of judgement

it calls us to connect to others & ourselves

through a reframing of the art of listening


A modern ceramic art sculpture

with the sound of beauty hidden in plain sight

echoing an ancient lineage

designed for truly anyone to play

who is open to letting go of the idea that creating

beautiful tones is only for musicians


By giving us a feeling of being saturated in sound

the Innato calls us to hear the world in new ways

to play from an inside space

Innato is Italian for “innate”

which means inborn, unlearned, ingrained

Simple breathing translating into chords of harmony

can be a contemplative practice

revealing elements of life

hidden in plain sight


The Innato is an inquiry

for us all


Inventors Hans Houkes & Alan Tower

along with The Innato Ambassador Team warmly invite you to join us

on this adventure in any way that calls you . . .


The Innato has transcended time as a revival from past cultures now blossoming & connecting us to an ancient future of discovery

“When we listen to nature,
we truly listen to ourselves”

The Call Of The Wild


My sounds have echoed through time

- I have been in the ancient valleys, I live in the modern cities

-my form unfolding and evolving with generations as my witness

-I have seen the primordial, i co-exist with you now

-I remain true to my organic form, a combining of elements

earth, fire, water, and air baked into me


I am the call of the wild

reminding me to sing the sweet songs of nature

each tone a bow to our great harmonizer

-I am alive in community

-unity is part of me

-to re-member all of us

-I am crafted by your hands

-I am me because of you

I can be an unfolding of awe, hidden in plain sight

-I am whatever you need from me


-I am a message from the past on its way to the future

-Inviting you to listen to the songs of life as they sing surround

There you’ll find me, alive, waiting to be revealed

Played for the sake of beauty itself


A gesture of gratitude to the lineage of clay makers leading to the Innato, Sharon Rowell, Rafael Berajano, Hans Houkes and Alan Tower

“We don´t have enough time to
be in a hurry” - Hans Houkes


Paying respects to nature and the deep lineage of craftsmanship and ceremonial relationship to the art, we have built this instrument with pure organic materials and intentionality. In the process of our return to simplicity, an instrument lost in time has revealed itself as an ambassador of nature to the modern world.


We’d like to offer a particular thank you to the Teyuna tribes of Colombia, as somehow without knowing we ended up following in the footsteps of their lineage with missing linkages surfacing out of the aether of past present future. In resonance with other cultures we find ourselves creating ancient new forms in search of beautiful sounds for humanity.


The Innato cultivates spaces in which the beautiful sound drops us into meditative state, to rest and explore new ways of hearing the sound of life

Tonal sounds have guided us in many forms

--- musical performances have energized us

-----spanning into soundscapes that invite tranquility

--------all reminding us of the vast possibilities listening can offer


-------------Sounds can be an invitation for silence

----------to tune in to the listening it deserves

--------exploring understanding’s many faces

-----from intellectual to experiential

---revealing many spaces

and the harmony between opposing emotions


The Innato anchoring us in reflection,

a deep meditation


into listening as a practice benefits are endless

the sweet nuance of a bird song

or the understanding where once lived conflict

to bring us back to the nascent sounds


before turning good or bad

to experience listening with no end


An instrument to guide us beyond performance

to bring us closer to the heart of listening itself


a pause in our day

to meditate and move on our way

or to stay in the presence of the present


An introspection leading to Connection

feelings communicated through sound

bypassing the thousands of words we have found


The Innato illuminating a time for oneself

to listen, not only outwards but in as well

to show us the connections between all

“Silence is not the absence of something,
but the presence of everything” - Gordon Hempton


A journey of introspection to an outwards expression

The Innato is a life tool for creating sounds that cultivate

an open receptivity, free of judgement


This receptivity feels baked into the innocence of the very tones it produces

Basking in the sounds of the innato becomes an opportunity to experience

a judgement free listening, with that openness translating to other areas of our life


The Innato’s very purpose, connecting many tones in harmony

display possibilities that once seemed conflicting

showing us potential beyond our thinking

It’s design freeing our fingers to a sense of safety

allowing them to go anywhere while still making harmonious combinations


The Innato is inviting us into its way of life, finding harmony in unlikely ways

epitomizing connection

using our breath to unite all

a moment to connect with another

ultimately with oneself


A journey of introspection to an outwards expression

“If you want to go quickly, go alone, If you want to go far, go together”

- Proverb

We humans are creatures of connection,

in the time of Covid uncertainty is revealed

whether feeling isolated or related

connectivity with others has surfaced as fundamental

ever present in a visceral way


The Innato prepares the soil

to our own presence, our very essence

while opening us again to the frame

In the midst of it all, we know much less than we think


Innato is a carrier wave of connection

between people, within oneself, with the world

it invites an interactive compassionate way

Sound Share

As fingers learn to

dance and flow

new feeling states

they come and go

as time moves on

informing our lives

we now comprehend

sharing this beauty

on the head of a friend!

“ . . Silence can be found, and silence can find you. Silence can be lost and also recovered. To experience the soul-swelling wonder of silence, you must hear it . . .” - Gordon Hempton